Natural Help for Concussions

Natural Help for Concussions   What is a concussion?   A concussion is an injury to the brain that results in temporary loss of normal brain function. The CDC estimates that 1.6 million to 3.8 million [...]

Dr. Todd’s Cholesterol and Heart Disease Theory

Saying cholesterol inside arteries causes heart disease is like saying flies cause manure piles.  Just because they are there, doesn’t mean they caused it.  Let me explain…   First of all, let us define what cholesterol actually [...]

Natural Relief for Allergies

An allergy is a condition in which the body has an adverse reaction to a substance, known as an allergen that is harmless in similar amounts to the majority of people.                   One might think [...]

Natural Help for Menopausal Symptoms

Unfortunately, it seems to be the general consensus that women are going to have trouble when they enter menopause.  The normally functioning female does not have significant problems with the condition. The adrenal glands produce [...]

Natural Therapies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Applied Kinesiology examination excels in finding the root causes of fatigue.  What needs to be addressed first and foremost is stress; whether that be structural, chemical, or emotional stress. Structural stress is often found when the nervous [...]

Natural Therapies for Infertility

This post will seek to simplify a seemingly complicated issue that is sadly all too common. Some of the information may not be a surprise and yet some might be astounding. Infertility is a multi-faceted [...]

Thyroid testing Before and During Pregnancy In my 11 years of clinical practice, I have seen and helped people with many issues; sprained ankles and carpal tunnel problems to migraine headaches and lower back pain. Unfortunately, nothing prepares you for [...]

Fluoride Containing Medications

As many of you know, I am big on dispelling "flat-earth" theories in health care.  Just because something is published in "peer-reviewed" articles means very little to me.  For anyone who takes that information at [...]

NY Times Article on Thyroid Related to Mood Disorders I and thousands of other doctors on the vitalistic side of health care have been telling people that their depression and other mood disorders are coming from their thyroid imbalance. EVERY cell in your [...]

BPA Exposure Affects Neurological Function in Children Exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), the controversial chemical used in the manufacturing of certain plastic products, including plastic baby bottles for infants, has been shown to affect behavior and executive function in children three years [...]

Organic Labels: Are You Wasting Your Money?

It's important to realize that there are several different organic labels out there.  Growers and manufacturers of organic products bearing the USDA seal have to meet the strictest standards of any of the currently available [...]

Pesticides and Attention Issues in Kids CONCLUSION: Our findings suggest that prenatal exposure to organophosphates is negatively associated with cognitive development, particularly perceptual reasoning, with evidence of effects beginning at 12 months and continuing through early childhood. This should come [...]

3 Causes of Irritability

3 Causes of Irritability: 1. Fatigue If adequate sleep is Beauty, then inadequate and/or poor sleep is surely the Beast. The health consequences of poor sleep aside, restless nights can lead to crankiness the likes [...]

Cholesterol Screening for 11 Year Olds… Seriously?

I was trying to stay out off the cholesterol medication bandwagon, but when I read this I couldn't resist anymore. "One third of children and teenagers in the United States are defined as obese [...]

2004 Harvard Study This is a great article that is STILL trying to bring our attentions to what we are eating. Calories are a factor in weight gain, however, it is a small issue. How many people [...]

Cesarean Session Rates

COLUMBIA (10/2/11)— About half of South Carolina hospitals have formally agreed to stop delivering babies early through Cesarean sections that are not medically necessary. Dr. Rick Foster of the state Hospital Association said Friday all [...]

Probiotics and the Common Cold

Research appearing in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism (Feb 2011) looked at the use of probiotics and their effect on the immune systems of 58 athletes. The 58 subjects of the [...]

Great New German Study

This is a wonderful study done in Germany.  It is one of the first actually done by independent sources; the way research used to be done before big money got involved.  In my clinical experience, [...]

Depression and Suicide in the U.S. military This is a fantastic article from Dr. Mercola that I would like to expand on. Depression, especially manic-depression (bi-polar disorder), is near and dear to me, as I have seen, first-hand, the affects that [...]