My response to: Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret. 

Let’s begin by reviewing some basic Biology. All living organisms share the following characteristics:

1) You must be able to eat

2) You must be able to poop and

3) You must have some sort of cell wall or membrane.

With these three criteria in mind, and the dearth of information in the news about viruses and specifically COVID-19, it is critical to determine whether or not a virus is actually a living thing based on these criteria.  In short: A VIRUS IS NOT A LIVING ORGANISM because it does not have a cell wall/membrane and therefore does not satisfy all three of these requirements, so a virus is not “alive”.

So…if a virus is not alive, what is it?  A virus is a piece of genetic material (DNA or RNA).  That’s it.  This genetic material comes from the bacteria of any living organism.  Bacteria are alive and as such, eat and poop.

All living organisms, human beings included, remove bacteria that has been broken down and is no longer living (dead) through our lymphatic system. When our body’s bacteria poop, where does it go?  This bacterial excrement is removed by our lymphatic system (most of which is in our gut) and then removed from the body via our bowel or kidneys.  So if our gut is a wreck from eating too many things that may taste delicious but have zero nutritional value, i.e., refined sugar, we will not be able to remove bacterial excrement and it starts to cause problems.  So this begs the question, “How do we increase the functioning of our lymphatic system?  Eat better food and move more.  Period.

Stop eating a high carbohydrate diet loaded with junk sugars like soda and candy!Most (not all) people do very well and have enough energy to get through their day when eating 60g of carbs or less per day.  Eat more good fats to give you energy without the resultant insulin spike (to save your zinc).  You must have enough protein to feed your immune system (immunoglobulins – globulin is protein).  High junk carb diets make you fat and sleepy.  They also feed diabetes and eventually results in heart disease.  Eat more green vegetables.  They are loaded with minerals (especially magnesium and zinc) necessary for our body to function efficiently.

Side note:  The Bubonic Plague started in the 14th century and lasted until roughly the mid 18th century and killed in upwards of 125 million people (THIS was a pandemic – this coved 19 is not). This was erroneously blamed on fleas from rat as public sanitation was barely thought at that point in time.  The decline of the plague was blamed on sequestration (social distancing) when during 18th century, public sanitation was becoming more commonplace.  If you live next to your poop (viruses) you are going to get sick.  Puppies are taught this at birth…don’t eat where you poop.  The same goes for humans, but unfortunately we humans don’t think as much as what we should.

Now on to this article.

Remember this…everything on this planet feeds on iron and other metals (minerals).

Now, I like this persons diatribe about iron and oxygen utilization as it’s pretty accurate; not totally, but close enough. This is how many people’s immune system, especially the older population, crashes and a big reason why pneumonia, later in life, kills us and why efficient iron metabolism is so important.


It is also correct that the viral glycoproteins bind to the iron in our hemoglobin molecule. Glycoproteins are nothing more than a sugar molecule attached to a few amino acids. This is the reason why diabetes is diagnosed with hemoglobin A1c (another name for A1c is Glycated hemoglobin). Labs measure the amount of sugar attached to the red blood cell (protein) and as a RBC tends to turn over every 90-120 days, it’s a good way for us doctors to tell if someone is cheating on their diet. To make matters worse, glycation is oxidation. I digress…

On to the chloroquine. This is where the author is mixed up and is guessing at how this works. If you look at my prior post about hydroxychloroquine, I talk about how it pushes zinc into the cell and allows it to work efficiently. If you force zinc into the cells of a zinc deficient individual, you will lower the immune system’s ability to fight infection.  This is how hydroxychloroquine is an immunosuppressant used in autoimmune issues like RA.

However, the virus feeding on our iron is only part of the story. Viruses also feed on zinc. Not all zinc, just zinc that’s already being utilized. Most of the zinc in our bodies is utilized in enzymes and many of our body’s enzymes are entirely dependent on zinc status. Examples are aminopeptidase N (helps digest protein in our small intestine), dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) (this one’s a bit more complicated, but essentially helps to metabolize glucose and also has been shown to suppress the development of some tumors) and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) (lowers blood pressure by dilating capillaries – hence the cardiovascular problems seen with this COVID19).  Some of you reading this may be familiar with the drug AZT.  This is the drug that is used to “treat” HIV.  The drug blocks the enzyme “reverse transcriptase” which is how RNA turns into DNA.  It prevents HIV from replicating, but it also kills you (slowly). Reverse transcriptase is a zinc dependent enzyme.

Enzymes are also a massive part of our immune system.  They help us “clean up” debris from metabolic waste (protein metabolism).  They have been shown to help us adapt to everything from indigestion to cancer.  Lower the enzymes and you lower the immune function.  This is one of the many ways zinc is crucial for our immune system.

Many of our enzymes function best when in an alkaline environment like our small intestine. FYI, our stomach and large intestine are supposed to be acidic.  When we eat junk, it screws up our pH and our small intestine will tend toward the acidic side.  When this happens, our body will throw more enzymes (alkalizing) into the mix to rescue the situation.  We then keep piling in the junk which pushes the body to work harder (it’s amazing how adaptable the human body is to its environment).  This is another way viruses attach themselves to our cells; they work more efficiently in an acidic environment.  There are other enzymes that are involved here such as cathepsin (another protease enzyme) and airway trypsin-like protease (these are housed in the lining of our lungs).  Research has been done on the connection between cathepsin enzymes and cancer.  Furin is a type of protein that has another protease enzyme that is being researched as another avenue of viral attachment to the cell.  There are a bunch of big words here that even some doctors have never heard of (myself included until I began my research into viral thing), but what it boils down to for the layperson is, stop screwing up your pH by eating junk all the time.

You may have also seen my post on something called the “cytokine storm” and this is where things get dicey.  These cytokines are pro and anti-inflammatory in nature and this is how our immune system is “regulated”.  The initial phase of our immune system is to increase pro-inflammatory cytokines which chews up bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.  In other words it lights a fire and creates a scorched earth scenario.  We cannot leave the scene of the crime like this so the anti-inflammatory cytokines come in and clean things up.  Many of these cytokines (pro and anti-inflammatory) are dependent on zinc as well.  So if we burn up all of our zinc storage on the pro-inflammatory stage, there is not enough left over for the second stage and the fire rages on.  This is the progressive inflammatory stage that creates organ shutdown in a viral infection. It’s a forest fire with high winds and the firefighters are out of water.

So now that you know what this entire virus thing is about, what the heck do we do about it?  We need to understand what causes lower zinc status in the body.

Remember, zinc is also an anti-oxidant so whenever there is oxidation (rust) our body uses zinc to help remedy the situation (this is also why zinc is used to galvanize roofing nails; it prevents them from rusting).  The more iron we have in our body that is not used properly creates more oxidation.  Proper iron metabolism is dependent on cofactors such as folate, vitamin B6 and minerals such as manganese.  Where do we get iron in our diet?  The most abundant source is red meat (yes, you can get it from spinach, but that’s non-heme iron and is tougher to use).  I am a big fan of eating red meat, but if your blood iron levels are elevated, you better stay away from it until you get those levels balanced.  This is where people stop eating red meat and feel better – their body slows its oxidation processes.

Zn plays a clear role in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin.  When we eat refined sugars (remember glycation is oxidation) our insulin levels rise to lower said sugar levels.  Insulin is very gritty and as such it’s like a bunch of sand paper running around in our arteries.  This is why cardiovascular disease and diabetes go hand in hand.  This is also why these two situations (not diseases – they are the effect, not the cause) are very detrimental in regard to viral infections.

High starch carbohydrates.  There are some carbs that are higher on the glycemic index than sugar, i.e. potatoes, rice.  When we eat these foods, it causes a resultant insulin spike (using zinc) and lowers our immune system.

So the million dollar question is:  How do we protect ourselves from a viral assault?  That’s a tricky question to answer since viruses have been around since the dawn of time (depending on who you ask, essentially a really long time).  If this is the case, how have we survived thus far?  We have an immune system.  Period.  If our body is in tip-top shape, we are exposed to said virus and move on like nothing even happened (these are the “carriers” of viruses).  If our body is not in solid working order, we become symptomatic and then usually recover (sometimes with some chronic leftovers, so to speak).  If our immune system is compromised, this is where bigger problems occur.  Social distancing only prolongs the inevitable.  Eventually we all are exposed to these viruses and adapt.  This is yet another reason why the numbers for this covid 19 is a joke.  You must realize that anyone (the news networks, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates) you hear talking about numbers for this has no idea what they are saying.

In closing, please understand this one phrase: We don’t die FROM viruses, we die WITH them.

Addendum:  There are MANY more minerals involved with enzymatic processes (immune system) than just zinc.  So while increasing the intake of zinc will help, it is very short-sided.  Trace minerals such as manganese and magnesium and just as important for immune function and are synergistic with zinc.  (Eat your veggies).