I have a genetic neuropathy that I have seen countless specialists about. The common theme amongst the standard practitioner was “When it gets bad enough, we will do surgery to reconstruct your feet and although you will lose significant mobility you should be able to walk”. Dr. Todd was the first (and only doctor) to give me hope! He found a solution to stop the progression and even start a healing process! He is the ONLY doctor that I have found that can do this!

I have recommended him to many friends or family that have found a similar dead end with their medical practitioners. Just within my circle of family and friends, he helped heal and find solutions for gout, PTSD, sleep disorders, Multiple Sclerosis and chronic stress. There is truly no limit to Dr. Todd’s abilities to help with whatever your scenario might be.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the growing trend to assign certain protocols to certain problems within the naturopathic world. This is frustrating since although I may have a similar manifestation or disorder as someone else, my body is unique in the way it manifests those symptoms. For a lot of other naturopathic doctors that I have seen over the years, the tendency is to assign a protocol or a “solution in a box” for me. Dr. Todd’s approach is unique in that he believes each person has a unique solution and it is his goal to find that unique amalgam that will solve your specific disorder.

Katie G.

I have been going to Dr. Todd for the last couple of years for assistance principally with my right knee, lower back and right shoulder pain. He always has a way to connect the dots and get right to the root cause of my discomfort. After several falls in stump holes during my many hunting escapades, Dr. Todd has become masterful in pin pointing my pain and always has a remedy to correct my problems. I am convinced that I have put off, hopefully indefinitely, knee replacement surgery by utilizing Dr. Todd’s skills in relieving the source of discomfort in both my foot and hips, thus relieving the pressure on my knee. He is a master at pressure points and his skills have allowed me to continue my exercise routine and enjoy my nine grandchildren to the fullest extent.

George B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Overdorf’s for almost three years. I first came to him with a history of heart palpitation events that never seemed to get better despite years of a variety of medical doctors, tests, and many types of pills. Since I have been seeing Dr. Overdorf, I have had remarkable improvements in the reduction of my events and their severity. Along the way, he has also helped me sleep much better and relieved many aches and pains. Dr. Overdorf is thorough, careful, and respectful. He explains everything. Most important to me, I find Dr. Overdorf to be continually inquisitive and extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how everything works together. In short, I think he is everything anyone could ask for in a doctor.

Jean P.

What I love most about Dr. Todd:

  1. He spends time with you.  What Dr. can you go to that you don’t feel hurried to describe your symptoms, prescribed a drug (with side effects) then rushed out the door to move on to the next patient?
  2. He really listens to what you say, asks questions and verifies he’s understanding your situation.  He’s got an incredible memory too!
  3. He cares about your feelings and validates them – how refreshing!
  4. He wants to educate you about how your body works.   Who knew back or hip pain could be related to your diet?
  5. He doesn’t just want the symptom(s) to go away but get to the root cause to heal it w/ natural supplements or other techniques for any deficiencies you may have.

I have had to relearn so much of what I thought I knew about health and nutrition over the 5 years I have been going to him.  It’s been eye opening and exciting to learn something new almost every visit!  It is not inexpensive but worth the time and education.  It has made me realize I need to listen to my body and take responsibility for my health.

Caryl R.

Our family has been seeing Dr. Overdorf for the past five years and has had so much success with finding solutions to personal health issues. He welcomes questions about how the body functions and is a great teacher in taking ownership of one’s own health. He is very caring and fun-loving and our 3 children enjoy going to see him as well. He compliments Western Medicine practices very well and welcomes the two worlds to come up with the best patient care. As a family, we definitely value his input on any health issues we might be facing or even just optimizing a healthy lifestyle so we can continue to take care of what we most value in life.

Antoinette S.

I have worked with Dr. Todd since we both arrived in Mount Pleasant. He did research on an issue with my liver that no one else could figure out and solved the problem.  His great bed side manner, attention to detail, intuitive awareness mixed with experience and his intelligence, curiosity and commitment to helping us all live our best lives is outstanding and a breath of needed excellence in healing. Thank you.

Kim P.

I view my sessions with Dr. Todd as primarily preventive in nature. My intent is to remain as active and involved in life as I possibly can and to avoid the manifestations of getting old to the best of my ability. I feel my sessions with Dr. Todd promote this positive lifestyle.

However, in addition to these generalities, I can immediately think of at least 3 situations where Dr. Todd’s treatments have helped.

There was a time when I could not walk long distances without serious pain in my lower back, hip and leg. I had been prescribed expensive orthotics that helped but did not resolve the issue. Dr. Todd determined that my pelvis was out of alignment and made the necessary adjustments. Today I can walk miles with no orthotics or pain.

The second issue is ongoing. Three years ago, the results of a blood test administered by my Internist indicated that my CRP level, a measure of inflammation, was 7.7. The target is less than 1.0. I was told, and confirmed this with a second physician, that there was nothing they could do to reverse this trend but that could treat the disease resulting from the inflammation once it became serious. My current CRP reading was 4.0 and all subsequent readings have trended down. I’m hopeful that in time my number will achieve normal levels but at least the inflammation seems to be reduced.

The third issue was related to high Fibrinogen levels which indicate a propensity for blood clots resulting in an increased risk of a stroke. My level was above the high-risk range. After taking supplements prescribed by Dr.Todd, the Fibrinogen levels have returned to the normal range.

Steve D.

My husband was referred to Dr. Todd as a chiropractor. I started seeing Dr. Todd after seeing a dramatic improvement in my husband’s well-being. We quickly realized the Dr. Todd is much more than just a chiropractor! Which he has greatly helped me with my back and shoulder issues. For as long as I could remember, I’ve had low energy and usually felt less than ideal. My medical doctor’s just said it was because I have PCOS and have kids or was getting older. But Dr. Todd was different. He listened to all of my issues and took a holistic approach. Dr. Todd’s advice and treatments have changed that – I feel better than I have in my entire adult life. I sleep better, feel better, am able to wake up and be alert! I’ve learned a lot and know that I can trust Dr. Todd’s advice. Since becoming his patient, I have been taken off of my high blood pressure medication (which I’d been in for 10 years!!) and no longer take ANY prescriptions!! I would recommend everyone to book an appointment, and I have recommended him to several friends that are now patients!

Laura D.

Dr. Overdorf is amazing!! We brought our teenage son in with a shoulder overuse injury from sports similar to one he had had before. Dr. Overdorf did some sort of body manipulation and in the span of about 15 minutes the shoulder was cured. I mean, CURED! I asked how long my son needed to rest the shoulder before he could go back to competitive sports (his doctor told him to rest it 3 weeks when it was injured the first time), and Dr. Overdorf said that no rest was necessary — he could go right out and compete that day. What??!!! I didn’t believe it, so my son rested for a day anyway, but he went out to compete the next day and was good as gold! It was amazing! Needless to say, we have been back to Dr. Overdorf for every injury since (and there have been plenty), and he has cured them all. I don’t exactly understand the process (he might rub your foot to fix your shoulder, or twist your neck to cure your elbow), but I accept it on faith now. Whatever it is that he does, it works!!

Edward F.

After seeing the amazing results from Dr. Todd caring for our newly adopted Thoroughbred, I decided to start going to Dr. Todd. Throughout my life, I have dealt with several health and body issues, especially as an avid athlete. I originally, started seeing Dr. Todd for my back pain in hopes of getting relief from a work accident. After a few years of care from other doctors, I was not receiving any real relief of my pain or mobility. After one visit with Dr. Todd, I immediately began to notice a complete change in not only my lower back but my overall back relief and internal inflammation that has plagued me for many years.

Additionally, I am a 12 year Lymphoma cancer survivor and with all the drugs and chemo and radiation, my internal body has never really been the same. In the couple of months I have seen Dr. Todd, I can really notice a big change in the way my body is responding to the natural enzymes he has prescribed. I am really looking forward to seeing what Dr. Todd can do to improve my overall healthy body in the upcoming new year.

Tim L.

Dr. Todd worked miracles for me as he methodically restored balance to my body, helping me to finally feel better. After decades spent with an untreated immune disorder, my adrenals were way out-of-whack and my body was a mess. My immunologist now has my immune system back in check and Dr. Todd has everything else back moving in the right direction. I’m so thankful!

Jenny S.

My son and I have been seeing Dr. Todd for over four years. Dr. Todd has helped me, as an aging tennis professional, begin to work pain free for the first time in years. He has helped my son thrive both physically and mentally during his grueling competitive tennis practices and tournaments. We are very grateful for the overall care and friendship of both Todd and Rebecca at Solutions Integrative.

Chris W.

A good friend kept talking to me about Dr. Todd and the amazing things he has done to help her through some of her medical struggles and even suggested having him out to look at a newly rescued Thoroughbred, that many had suggested he was too far gone and needed to be put down. I was skeptical but willing to see what we could do for this new horse, since he would be an amazing therapy horse for our organization. After the first visit, I was blown away at what he told me about the history of the injuries this horse endured and was willing to help. He even called his supplement manufacturer to see if they could do a large quantity to help with his immune and joints. After many months, I can happily say the horse is on a great road to recovery thanks to Dr. Todd.

After seeing how amazing Dr. Todd was with my horse, I started going to him for my Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, internal inflammation, and many other ailments from my health issues to being athletic all of my life. I thought I was impressed before my appointment and after my first appointment, I was blown away with his findings and proposed treatment. As you can imagine, going to traditional physicians with two autoimmune diseases, leads to a lot of prescription medication that can cause more damage than good. Plus with all of the internal inflammation, I battled migraines to weight gain and everything in between. I was pleased with knowing I had a better alternative path for treatment and someone who not only took the time to completely understand what my body was going through but he could sympathize with what my body and mind had endured. I left the first visit, amazingly relaxed and energized with knowing I was in the right hands. Within the first two weeks, I could instantly feel a difference in how my stomach accepted food and how I felt after eating. Previously, I felt horrible or even became ill after each meal and many times feared eating. After a couple months of treatment, I can tell a huge difference in my overall health. It’s nice to feel normal again and know I am healing from the inside out. If you are looking for someone to listen and understand what is going on with your body, then I would highly recommend Dr. Todd. It’s a pleasant surprise to have a compassionate medical professional finally be on your side.

Christy L.