2004 Harvard Study

//2004 Harvard Study

2004 Harvard Study


This is a great article that is STILL trying to bring our attentions to what we are eating.

Calories are a factor in weight gain, however, it is a small issue. How many people count calories and don’t lose weight? I have literally seen hundreds in my practice. I can sum up weight gain and body fat deposition into one word: INSULIN.

Look at the rate of diabetes now: it has doubled since 1980 to nearly 350 million! This is out of control and largely due to the lack of nutritional and dietary knowledge of the average medical physician. Most doctors, when they diagnose diabetes, give very few, if ANY, sound nutritional or dietary recommendations. Most of the “go to” diabetes medications have been withdrawn to do liver and pH issues. Avandia increases certain cardiovascular risks including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and cardiac death. Even metformin (Glucophage) patients are at an increased risk of lactic acidosis (which can harm you kidneys).

Here’s an idea: STOP EATING SUGAR!!

We have cracked down on the tobacco industry, when are we going to crack down on the junk food industry. I would argue that sugar is just as bad, if not worse that tobacco. Almost every debilitating disease can be related to malnutrition.

The widespread use of refined flour began in the late 1800s when manufacturers discovered that if they removed the germ (with the oils) the flour would not turn rancid. By the 1940s in the United States it had become obvious that enriched flour was a nutritional zero, and those who ate it as a staple food were developing health problems such as beriberi (thiamine deficiency). The US Government stepped in, but instead of regulating the refining of wheat, they simply required that manufacturers “enrich” their white flour by adding back a few of the nutrients that were obvious health risks. These are iron, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine. (Much later folic acid was added to the enrichment list).

About 30 nutrients are removed from wheat when it is refined, and they only add 4 or 5 of them back to the enriched flour.

Refined white flour affects our body the same way sugar does.

Every person on the planet should watch Morgan Spurlock’s film “Super Size Me”. Also be sure to watch the French fry experiment in the special features. I am absolutely blown away by people who want to eat fast food after watching that film.

The most common nutritent used with blood sugar issues is Chromium. I will guarantee that Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 are more effective.

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