Pesticides and Attention Issues in Kids

//Pesticides and Attention Issues in Kids

Pesticides and Attention Issues in Kids

Our findings suggest that prenatal exposure to organophosphates is negatively associated with cognitive development, particularly perceptual reasoning, with evidence of effects beginning at 12 months and continuing through early childhood.

This should come to no surprise to those who are aware of how toxic our environment actually is. However, this is an actual peer reviewed article that is verifying how foreign chemicals affect our nervous systems…directly.

Now, upon reading this article, if you are pregnant, DO NOT do any type of detoxification measures to try and clear your body of these toxic chemicals. The best thing you can do is simply consume as much organic food as possible.

If you are planning on getting pregnant, then yes, a bio-detoxification program would be a great idea. It can help thyroid function and take strain away from your adrenal glands; all helping to balance hormone function.

The most important thing, by far, is to have your thyroid checked to be sure it is balanced. Pregnancy really requires a lot of thyroid function in general.

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