No. We do not directly bill your insurance company for the service we provide, so any charges incurred at our office are considered an out-of-pocket expense due at the end of each appointment. At SIHC we feel that your health care should not be dependent on “third party” recommendations. However, we can provide you with a receipt with diagnosis codes needed for you to submit to your insurance company. They will then reimburse you directly.

No. The government bases medicine upon a disease drug model. Our services are focused on wellness to help the body function better. As such, they are not considered reimbursable.

We do not take x-rays; however, we can refer you if necessary.

Your first visit with Dr. Todd is a two-hour appointment that includes the consultation, exam, and first treatment. This may seem like a lot of time, but it’s very important that we invest that time at the beginning to ensure a complete picture of your current health and goals for care. Dr. Todd will complete a functional neurological exam, in depth postural analysis, and, if needed, a nutritional evaluation. It’s important to us that you feel listened to and that progress has been made right away.

Yes! Please bring whatever data you have. The more information we have regarding your situation, the better.

Subsequent visits are 30 minute appointments. Because we don’t do treatment plans, what occurs during follow-up is specific to your situation. Dr. Todd will ask for a progress update and may ask further questions about your case history, dietary habits, and potential emotional stress and imbalances to address your specific needs at that time. We want to ensure that progress is being made at each appointment.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that can stretch or workout clothing. Muscle testing requires manipulation of the limbs, so pants or shorts are ideal; it is difficult to test muscles in a skirt or dress. Please plan accordingly on appointment days.

This is a difficult question to answer because patients come to us with a variety of health concerns. However, a high percentage of patients start to feel a noticeable change in their symptoms within three visits. Dr. Todd has treated some individuals one time and their symptoms were completely eliminated. On the other hand, some people’s health issues are more complex and can take some time to correct.

This completely depends upon your specific case. We do not believe in the treatment plan model of seeing patients multiple times per week. Our goal is not only to correct symptoms, but ensure you are as healthy as possible. Commonly we see new patients every week or two in the very beginning stages and often see patients after that every 4-6 weeks. Being healthy and symptom free are two completely different things, so we do recommend getting evaluated every quarter as we live stressful, active lives.

Yes. Diet and nutrition is part of the chemical portion of the Triad of Health. Dr. Todd believes the functional biochemistry of the body is of the utmost importance; dietary changes and supplements may be recommended as the need arises.

Absolutely. Our emotional well-being has a direct impact on our physical health. Dr. Todd uses a variety of methods including NeuroEmotional Technique and BrainSpotting to help patients reduce the amount of emotional stress they carry.

Yes. Dr. Todd has had countless people over the years who were told surgery was the only option yet were brought back to health without surgery. Many studies show people are worse off after certain surgeries and doctors will tell you that there is no absolute guarantee that the procedure will 100% fix the problem. A great deal can be accomplished with gentle methods and common sense natural healthcare. We believe natural first, then medications and surgery as the last resort.

Yes. In many cases, the area that has been surgically altered can still be adjusted. Because symptoms can be referred from other areas of the body, some headaches can come from the feet and some lower back pain comes from the TMJ. We have had many patients continue to have pain after surgery, only to have it corrected by working on another part of the body.

Absolutely. Regular chiropractic care can help relieve pain commonly associated with pregnancy and ease symptoms including nausea and vomiting that are part of morning sickness. Chiropractic care can help position the baby correctly for birth, thereby shortening labor and making the birth process easier. Adjustments are adapted to accommodate the stage of pregnancy and unique needs of each patient. Chiropractic care can also help the mother’s body heal post-partum.

We treat humans of all ages and problems. Dr. Todd has treated babies as young as 2 days old (birth trauma is real) and adults of all ages. We occasionally will treat dogs, cats, or horses (We will come to you; please don’t bring your horse to our office.) with owner supervision, but that is not a primary focus of our practice.

Chiropractic care has been used in the treatment of many common childhood ailments, such as colic, respiratory distress, fever, ADHD, and earaches. As they grow, children will often suffer injuries as a result of falling or playing sports. Regular checkups can identify problems and may help to avoid some of the health problems that are so common in adults. Chiropractic care can stabilize and reduce scoliosis, improve health, and correct poor posture in children.

Generally, it’s never too early to begin chiropractic on children. Although the adjusting techniques used on children are modified, the benefits are just as great. Since a degree of spinal trauma can happen during childbirth, when the spine and neck may be injured as the baby is pushed through the birth canal, we encourage parents to bring their newborns to be checked.